Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Show-Off and Nothing Much Else

So I've not been on for a while so here are a few things to show what I have been nagged to knit recently.
First is a trainer sock, knitted with Regia - a blogland special.
Next is a cricket slipover knitted in Rowan Pure Wool.
Finally, a baby jacket knitted with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and the wee hoodie knitted with the Debbie Bliss Astrakhan.
All of these yarns are, of course, available from Stitching Time, Hamilton.
At some time, I will have time to muck about with the html and get the pics spaced throughout the blog but until then you will just have to make do with this layout. Also, when I put pics on, the line breaks get lost so that is crap as well.
Was looking forward to going to Woolfest with Heather on Saturday, but decided against it (with the DAFNE 'n all). Damn! Bet it was great.
Went over to Motherwell today and took the risk of not carrying my passport! lol Met two friends and ex-colleagues for lunch. Caught up with some goss and found out Stephen finally got the promotion he should have got when I left. So ... congratulations Sooty!
TMO is off to Edinburgh tomorrow to have tea with a VIP. I'm not invited but my handbag is gatecrashing for me. See if the security spot that one.
Heard a joke today about the recent Glasgow Airport 'incident'. Should I tell? It's not pc. Tough, it's my blog and I can cry if I want to. They did it on Saturday cos it was Ramavan. (Shortened version)
Going on to the Purlescence site to buy some needles cos it is the summer sale. Was going to buy needles yesterday but kept getting disturbed and got an e-mail to day about the sale. Yippee! Wasn't that lucky?
That's all for now. Got some shopping to do and some checking out of blogs.