Thursday, 31 May 2007

Boring Post About A Load of Old Codswallop

Ello peeps.

Just to let you know I am still in the land of the living.

What has been happening? Too much for me to relate in one sitting but I'll give you a wee taste.

Unlike D jetting off to to NY, I hit the road to NC (Newcastle). Didn't pass Jimmy Nail, but did pass several people speaking Geordie. (Howay the lads! Whereye ganin bonnie lass? Away man woman!) Actually the last is TB's customer banter and I hear it all the time. Got the DB hoodie all but finished - 'oh dear I don't have a 4.5mm circular needle so I'll have to get an Addi turbo' (she lied). Guess where I got one - yes, you've guessed, Stitching Time, Hamilton. And guess where it still is. Yes, you've guessed, Stitching Time, Hamilton. Keep forgetting to put it in my bag.

C&G folder came - yippee. Was a bit daunted at first but I am getting into it now. The art and design bit was the bit that terrified me but I am feeling all artistic now. Anyway, I have loads of the materials for that from when I started doing the same course for machine embroidery (but had to stop cos I broke my elbow and couldn't drive through to Cardonald - yes another long and boring story - eh, TAH? lol). But it is all laid out so you know what you are doing.

Down at NC I went swanning into Borders with my list and got nothing on it but did get Drawing for Dummies and a cool knitting stitches book (like I don't have a million of them). Sat sketching in the car on the way home as I started working my way through the drawing book and TB was getting mad at me cos I kept shoving my sketch pad out shouting 'Look what I've drawn. Look. Look.' Am in the process of planning a logo for my designs. (lolol, aye right!)

Went to Monklands to see about this insulin pump. Spoke to the Sister and the Dietitian (both very nice) and then to the doctor (very nice too). You have to go through a lot of processes before they even consider you as a potential candidate to be put forward for one!!! There are only ten, yes ten, in the Lanarkshire Area per year so they are very careful about candidates, as you can imagine. Anyway, I was given a a folder to record food, blood sugars etc and an appointment for three weeks time. Then I went into the doc. She was sooo young .. and a consultant! (Must be getting old.) She was lovely. And not just because she thought I had the medical credentials (hah!). There is a course they run eveery so many months and there is an 18 month waiting list for it. She wanted me to have priority so guess who is going on it from Monday (all day Mon - Fri). A cancellation had my name on it. Yippee. The course is about DAFNE. On Friday we finish at lunchtime and go to the pub for lunch cos part of the course is dealing with eating out. lol oh .. pub lunch is not on NHS! They reckon that some candidates manage so well with this way of managing their diabetes that they can manage without a pump, so maybe I won't need one. Going onto a pump is the next step after DAFNE cos you pretty much manage your diabetes the same way except without having to inject.

Anyway, blah, blah, enough about that.

Off to Hairmyres tomorrow to see about my leg (the nerve thing). Was there a fortnight ago and the doc I saw there (also very nice) seemed to be interested in doing something and she has put her money where her mouth is by phoning me on Tuesday herself to tell me she wanted to see me and the receptionist phoned a couple of hours later with the appointment for tomorrow. I can't believe it. Are things changing for me?

Heather posted a comment on my last post telling I was het. So I have to list 8 (interesting) things about myself. Harumph! Only eight? lol Still thinking about that one (or how will I whittle them down?) Heather has done it and so have Kathleen and India. Wonder if D has done it yet. Maybe I'll tag her if she hasn't.

Soon be KIP day. I'm working so the only KIP I'll be doing is sitting knitting at the table in the ST:designer room (in BH) in front of the window if it gets quiet later on. TB is threatening to get a red light above the table but I don't know why. Have started some try me samples in there - so far got some LH, DB and Rowan on pins - some on bamboo and some on metal (not aluminium). As for Stitching Time, have the Sirdar order in and have ordered some the Baby it. Aw, it's sooo soft. (The rep looked like an undertaker, lol)

Okay, enough is enough. Going down to do an hour of knitting, or perhaps some sketching? Maybe I'll just have a bath and contemplate eight interestings facts (right now I'd be pushed to think of one - oh wait, I can get a pint glass in my mouth, does that count? And there was that incident in the toilets of the church hall when I ... nah! That's just gross. Well, what about the time when we were on a cycling holiday up the Trossachs and we hitched a lift in a van up The Rest and Be Thankful and ... hmm, TAH, would that count as interesting?) Nope, will have to think about that assignment.

Going downstairs - TB has some sci-fi rubbish on. Gimme strength. Byeeeee.

ps Taped the Josephs when we were away. Sad or what? Ben, Keith and Lee for the final. Lee to win. Want Keith to win. Still wondering why Ben is still in.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


It's here!

On two pages I looked at - OMG!

Taking it to Monklands to look at while I wait to see about a pump. lol

More later (on both subjects.)

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Catching Up

Three posts in one day. Get a life or what? What's a girl to do when there is football on the telly (WBA v Wolves) and there is broadband lying idle? Will go down for a cosy bit of quality time (lol, TB watching football and me knitting, - at least we will be in the same room on the same settee!).

So, Sunday. As I said before, Carol's crochet tutorials went down very well. Even TAH had a go at crochet (she won a crochet bag kit on the tombola and thought she'd better learn how to do it) but sorry besie mate, you looked as if you were in pain and I did have a wee inward snigger to myself. Mind you, I noticed she had her tongue out while she was doing it - I do that too. Hmm .. strange .. nobody mentions in that in the 'Learn to Crochet' books. Nor are there wee pictures of a mouth with a tongue hanging out. Wonder if your tongue hangs out longer, the longer the stitch. lol double trebles and you're licking your elbow. lol

Heather was there with her daughter Rosie. She was having a go too and Heather started on a jumper that had a crochet bit and was getting on with it like a house on fire. Rosie is lovely, and so is Rowan. I had the pleasure of meeting Rowan last week. Heather brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers for us for the shops birthday. It was gorgeous, what am I saying, it is gorgeous. Thank you Heather. What a wonderful gesture.

On Monday, I trotted over to Stonehouse to have a consultation with Dr Zoma (Rheumatologist) about my Lupus. Oh, have I not mentioned that little beauty? Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (aka SLE or Lupus). Now there's a story and a half, but it is boring and I do so want to get down for the quality time I mentioned (ie I want to get on with my knitting - DB slipover in Donegal Tweed Aran) Anyway, I'm not convinced I have it. Well .. a very small percentage of Lupies test negative for it, but get a false positive test for Syphillus. Guess who falls into that lucky group!!! Yep, my life sucks! lol So, appointment was 11.10am and when I did I go in? Yes, 12.50pm. Guess when I sewd up TBT? It was done a bit too quickly for my liking but I kept thinking I was going to be called. More blood taken.

Tuesday, Day off. Oh, what work to be done inside and out. So, sat in the garden in the glorious sunshine with my Jamieson's Cobweb Ultra and got tore into the free pattern from Heirloom. I have only ever worked from a chart when working with colour so that was a new experience for me. But, I quite enjoyed it and managed to get through it okay. I did up to the 40th row on the chart as I couldn't be bothered thinking about counting and watching patterns etc. Might have a go tonight after I have watched The Apprentice. (Recorded - footie on)

Wednesday and back at work. Took some photies. Kathleen, I cannot tell a lie. TBT was photographed on the table in ST: designer room (imagine it in Bradley Hand ITC font) - not on my work surface. Wouldn't have to worry about a flash reflection there. lolol Went to shops to see if new Knitting magazine was in yet but it wasn't. If TB reads this - I popped down to the Post Office to post a parcel and there was a massive queue. When I got back I had a hypo so guzzled some Lucozade. Yuck - gave me wind. (TMI) Came home, had tea, did some books stuff, came on here.

Have decided I must finish some UFOs. God, I hate sewing up and especially when it is nagged2k stuff. It's a dirty job ...

Quick look at some blogs. (Hark, I hear a midget with coffee and biscuits. Back of hand to forehead - I feel faint!!) See what tricks Kathleen has pulled out of the hat this time. Will give Mhairi's a miss - she's going to NY soon and will be rubbing it in and not even offering to take shopping lists with her when she is going to be having sex in NY anyway. (Only kidding Mhairi - have a great time!)

No time to mention others ... only got 8 mins before I go downstairs and shatter TB's peace. Oops, I mean share some quality time with my beloved.

Catch y'all later.

There's Always Something Better To Do ...

Well ... I was at home and I was in the garden and it is for the shop (ie work), so does that count as housework and gardening? Jamieson's Cobweb Ultra (yes, it's available from Stitching Time, Hamilton).

Coffee and fag break time. And it's raining. Perhaps I'll go out the back now (ie now we have one lol)

Mini Shawl

Jamieson's Ultra mini shawl posted while I have a piece ... oops, sandwich. Looks like there's holes where there shouldn't be holes, but it's a shawl and shawls are meant to be holey and it is for the shop and shop things get holey ... enough with the excuses!!!
Coffee time. Byeee.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Home and Garden

Well, here it is .. the LH cardi completed and on display in the 'ST: designer room'. Yes, the new bit is open to the public and has been christened 'ST: designer room' (but in Bradley Hand ITC font that I can't seem to copy and paste onto here). There are a couple of wee bits to be sorted but we have to wait for Rigsby to get his finger out for that! Have been trying to get some (decent) photos to post but since my camera doesn't have a wide-angled lens, you will just have to take what you get for now!

Today has started well - have managed to get my fingers covered in super glue so far. Hmm .. must remember to be more careful in future.

Going to do some housework and some gardening. The house is a manky tip and the garden is an embarrassment to the neighbourhood - the weeds in the drive are going to do some serious damage to the car never mind the state of my normally lovingly tendered borders. Grass? My garden is giving back what the rain forest is losing! But .. I've been busy.

TBT is finished but haven't taken a photo yet - there was a big shadow over it so I'll wait until the sun moves round a bit. I've noticed that some bloggers take to artistic outside shots, but with the state of my outdoors setting, inside will have to do.

Sunday was our big UFO day and it was .. different. The crochet tutorial seemed to go well. Carol Meldrum is sooo nice. I will make sure we invite her to take some classes once the meeting room is up and running - probably after the summer.

TB is glued to the telly cos big Big Sam is joining The Magpies today. The news conference isn't until 1 o'clock but, as always with football, the build up is just as important. I reckon with Big Sam and Fat Freddie they will have to strengthen the ground. lol

Okay, off to do some work. I am upstairs and the dandelions are tapping the window. I hate dandelions. Oh .. and slugs. I really hate slugs.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Quick Skive

Just making some coffee ... and the computer is quite close by. Watched pots and all that...had a quick look at some blogs. Jeez, everybody has been going nuts with blogs and knitting, crochet, patchwork, dressmaking,etc. Not me tho'!

Just wanted to say - Paris Hilton, beauty and excitement. I have been trying to think of what to say on this for days but words fail me. End of.

Kettle boiling. Byeeee.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sunday Morning Quickie

Just a quickie before we head off down to the shop.

Going to do a bit of painting and cleaning and moving stuff about.

Last night, I managed to finish the centre of TBT and the second sleeve of the LH cardi. Need more wool for the peaks of TBT and just the sewing up and edges of LH cardi to do. I'll see how I am after today. But, yippee, two UFO's nearly done. Thinking ahead, I don't know whether to finish something lurking in one of the bags of UFOs or start something else! Decisions, decisions!

Don't feel guilty about going to shop and not doing garden - it's raining. But .. the garden has never looked so bad in all the time I have lived here. It is really really needing work done. BIL borrowed the lawnmower and hasn't returned it yet (it better still be working - they have a huge garden with lots of lawn to be mown .. and .. I reckon one of the boys has had the dubious task of doing the mowing and they aren't the most careful). I emember when I moved in here, I used to .. wait for it .. clean the lawnmower very carefully after each cut with a cloth and hot water so it was as good as new. Now? TB cuts the grass so I daren't even look at the state of it!

Okay .. off to the shop. Bank Holiday weekend? Well, I suppose I don't work in a bank. Mind you, I reckon we all work for a bank in one way or another!!

ps You know I don't do politics on here ... but ... what a fiasco last week? Cor blimey!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

No Fork n Hoe, Just a Fork

Well, day off and work, work, work but then no-one said self-employment was going to be easy!!

It is the shop's fifth anniversary this month (five years!) and we have been sorting out the special prices we are doing for May. This is a sort of thank you to all our customers for their custom, loyalty and support over that time and as a welcome to new customers. See the prices listed on the shop blog.

Did 4 rows of TBT after breakfast and then picked it up again at lunchtime. Did 2 rows, no problem, did the third until the end and discovered I had 2 stitches left to do instead of 1. Aaargh, not again. TB laughed and 'Not again!'. I placed it gently on the carpet and left it there. I will have to start marking down the rows as I do them. 1, 2, 3,4. 4 rows, 4 rows! This is getting beyond a joke. It will not beat me. If it is the last thing I do (and it might just be that,cos it is going to be the death of me) it will not beat me!

Sat out in the garden for lunch (before I picked up TBT) and it was lovely. So warm. But .. I was horrified at how much work is needing done out there. I love my wee garden. It is where I get lost in my own wee world. When I did the 9-5 routine, I would go out at the week-end with my headphones on and work away quite oblivious to what was going on around me. Now, I like to do it mid-week on my day off when lthe neighbours are at work and it is nice and peaceful. No music blaring, no grandkids screaming and no having to stop for a blether. (Miserable sod that I am!) I don't use a hoe for the weeding - I get down on my kneeling pad and use my wee fork and give it laldy. I live at the top of Hamilton and we have bad drainage problems - the water streams down from the higher up fields - so the weeds thrive with their own private watering system. But, they don't reckon on me with my Frustration Fork. Oh, how therapeutic!

There are loads of cats about and they all use my garden as a shortcut (lazy things) so when WM comes for a visit, she gets the scent and goes nuts. But she is a wee porker and can't get throught the fence like the cats do. Thank Goodness! I also have to lie the wheely bins on their sides so she can't get throught the gate at the side, otherwise she'd be off and I'd have to go chasing her. She loves that - thinks it's a game - she turns back and laughs at me and then runs away again. Honestly, the ways she runs and jumps about, you'd think she thought she was a wee lamb. But she is my baby, ma WM

So no knitting today apart from the bit I mentioned earlier, TBT put me right off for the day. maybe I should just leave it for a while and finish the LH cardi. But, I like it (when I am not *rsing it up) and I'd like to see it finished. Going to display it with my wee baby doll.

But for tonight, I am off to bed with my hot water bottle. I reckon I will be out for the count as soon as my head hits the pillow. So nighty, night.