Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I Don't Beeeeelieve It!

Just a quickie while the footie is on (Everton v Spurs or Spurs v Everton - Who knows? Who cares?) and before I go making notices and posters to take to Stirling. Yep! Sometimes I do take work seriously. What was that? Was that my conscience asking why I am so behind in preparations if I take my work so seriously? Ach, shut it. I've got my knitting projects ready and packed.

Well, I was taking it so seriously that I was down at the shop on my day off. We were making up fabric packs, pricing threads, making lists of what has to be packed last thing before we go, etc, etc. We were so engrossed that we didn't even break for a fag until 5.50pm, when we headed out the back door. (Yes, we have a back door now .... as well as 3 toilets. 3? Yes, 3!) So out we toddled through the communal corridor (close) to the first of the big doors and realised that all was locked and secure for the night. Oh! (or words to that effect!) Guess what. We were locked in. When we arrived at the shop, TB went back out and secured the front doors including the padlock on the storm doors. When I had to go out later on, I just used the other door. Unfortunately, amonsgst the things we are waiting for Rigsby to see to is the supply of keys to our new property - oh, and a handle to the outside of the door. Oh the building is lovely and secure - especially when you are last to leave and you don't have a key.

So ... on to the phone. Got BIL. 'Is anyone free to come down to the shop? We're locked in.' 'Oh. Do you want someone to come down and feed you chips through the window?' 'If the window could be opened we'd be out' (From their kitchen.) ... TMO ... 'Is Nan locked in the shop?' How did that happen?' BIL 'It's Nan ...she's a bit simple.' TMO 'Is she having a hypo?' TB 'Tell them it was my fault.' TMO 'They're as bad as each other!' (She's got great hearing being a teacher.) Me 'No, I'm not having a hypo. We're just locked in.' BIL 'Flora doesn't have any keys.' Me 'We'll put them out the letterbox.' TB 'How did she get in the other week?' TMO 'Hehehe' BIL 'How did you manage that?' Me 'It was David.' BIL 'Euan's just away out in my car and Gillians car is blocking Flora's' Me 'We'll wait.' TMO 'How did they get locked in?' BIL 'It's Nan - she's simple.' TMO 'Is she having a hypo?' Me 'No!' TMO 'Is the padlock shut too?' Me 'We're locked in!!!' BIL 'Someone will be down the now.'

That was the shortened version. Thank God I wasn't phoning a mobile! And how come everyone can hear everything being said?

And how come an old strange looking bloke with a collie was mouthing obscenities at me when I was driving along a road doing 30 mph (cos I was passing a speed camera but would have been doing 30mph anyway!) and he and his dug were jaywalking? Is it just me or does no-one bother with the traffic anymore and just launch across the road because the driver'll be done not them? BTW, try turning into Avon Street - nobody looks there.

Right - three fronts of slipovers to be knitted at Stirling and a sock and a half just in case. Yes, one front is the Grace slipover one - because I am sooo embarrassed taking the same thing every time I go to the Tramway. Y'never know, I might be wearing it next time. Mind you, I might get caught up in the enthusiasm at Stirling and start embroidering something. Nah! Going to finish my projuects, even if it is to prove I can!

So off to get some coffee and get on with the notices. I will have time when I get back to catch up with everyone on their blogs - I promise. Taking my camera with me this time so I will be able to post some of the work they do.

In case I forget - D - delectable? (Are you sure it was TB you met?) and SB2 - slightly cheekier? (Was that a wee implication there?)

Bye fur noo. Won't be there on Sunday. Off to Stirling. Nan in a van with a man. Oo-er missus!

PS What's orange and sounds like a parrot? Doh! A carrot! No I'm not having a hypo!

Friday, 10 August 2007

Photos as Promised

Noro Silk Garden Lite - I feel a slipover coming on It's Silk Garden but DK! (Get that other stuff finished first - TB) TB was quite excited when about 10 boxes of different yarns from different suppliers arrived yesterday. But then he got quite 'emotional' because the one he was hyper about never came! (Emotion - hint, hint Wait and see!) Then he was going spare cos he had to find room for it all. (Ha, ha. Can't blame me this time, can you Mij?) Wait until the back orders come. lolol

Thursday, 9 August 2007

There's a Stranger in These Here Parts ...

... yeah, yeah, yeah. So it's been over a month. What can I say? Well, there was the world cruise to start with, then every single yarn producer that ever lived came to visit me and left me samples to try out and then I finished all my UFOs. It's my blog and I'll lie if I want to. In fact, you would lie too if it happened to you. (Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo do)

Actually I have managed to sneak on to show you my pictures of some of my new stash. (I'm not going to tell you how excited I was yesterday cos even I'm not that crude!) But ... guess who left their camera at work. Yep! However, let me just say Lang, Louisa Harding, Debbie Bliss and Noro (I'll not mention the others in case there are any yarn snobs reading this - you know who you are, India oh that slipped out lol.)

I'm not allowed to take any of it to Stirling with me - I have to take a bundle of UFOs to do while I sit between classes. TB is such a spoilsport. Mind you with no car and too far to walk to the bus stop there's not a lot else to do. I suppose I could go and take some of the EG classes but since I haven't bothered my *rse doing any of my C&G stuff yet I don't feel suitably artistically enthusiastic and especially not for stitching! So will get some stuff finished to save me going stir crazy.

Hmmm. Could always take your C&G stuff? Aye, right! Well, I might stick in my Drawing for Dummies book if there is room.

DAFNE and I are not hitting it off. So, I am going for a pump. And yes, my sense of humour has not matured any. Probably Septemberish. At least I won't have to worry about that at Stirling.

Have to go and do some more preparation work but before I go here is a worrying thought ...

TB and I set off for Stirling Uni on Tuesday morning. We stopped in Bridge of Allan for some lunch. Sauntering back to the car, we saw this old bloke with a stick trying furiously to get into the drivers door of a huge black Mercedes saloon parked by the pavement. We looked at each other with that look that asked a thousand questions, the main one being 'Whit?'.

On spotting the black Fiesta behind with who we supposed was the old blokes wife pointing like a looney to the inside of the car where she was a passenger and mouthing 'This one', we guessed he was trying to get into the wrong car. Now ... Mercedes - Fiesta. Both black. Easy mistake? Wife in passenger seat - old bloke driving? Yet again we looked at each other, but with a different look - the one that makes a thousand comments, the main one being 'Scary!'

Will catch up on blogs as and when. Adios for now!

PS Here is a big hello to my new friends from over the pond. 'Hello!'