Wednesday, 27 June 2007

For D

On Sunday at the KnS I was wearing a top I had knitted (yes and finished!). D asked what the yarn was so here is a photo and the details:
Filatura Di Crosa 'Orchidea'
35% viscose, 25% cotton, 20% acrylic and 20% polyamide
8mm needles

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Sari Ribbon and Kipping

Take a hank of Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon, wind it up into a ball and then knit a sleeve ... that is what I did yesterday.

Sit outside the shop and knit in public for WWKIP Day. (I don't reserve my kipping for special days - my usual spot for kipping outside the shop is across the road on the church wall, but only when it is sunny and, especially, warm. There is a dent that my bum fits into very nicely.) I knew these photos weren't deleted!

Must dash - TB will catch me.

How come when I haven't had a chance to check out blogs everyone has being going nuts with the blogging and knitting/other crafty crafts?

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Felted Crochet Bag

At last, the crochet bag is finished - and felted! Not bad for a first attempt, even if I do say so myself!

Over at Livi last night for a baldie. TAH didn't believe I was learning to draw until I started to show Elsie how to draw a Wuzzy-Woo (don't ask!). She did it very well, so I am sure there are going to be Wuzzy-Woos all over the place.

Over to Monklands today - they are not talking if I get a pump, but when I get a pump. Hotdiggety!!

TB is sooo tired - wee soul - because I have to set my alarm for 3am to check my blood. Funny the things we can do on automatic pilot though.
Got a new book from Amazon. It is Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. It looks fantastic and I am certainly going to have a go at at least one of the patterns. Just flicking through it, I can see there is a bit of knitting history in it too, so that will be fascinating as well. Think Kathleen will love it - if she doesn't have it already. You should have seen the size of the box it came in - TB just gave me that look and asked if I had been ordering from Amazon again. 'Looks like it,' I replied, ''but I didn't think it was a big book.' To give you an idea of the size of the box ... I got four bags of Freedom Spirit in it... for one book?
Can't decide whether to iron and then knit, or knit and then iron. If I iron first, I will get carried away and no knitting will be done, but if I knit first, no ironing will be done. Decisions, decisions. Maybe I'll just do some knitting and then go to bed. After all, I have to get up at 3 o'blooming clock again!
Okay, decision made. Finish here, visit a few blogs, make some coffee, have a wee look at my new book, feel all inspired so have to do a wee bit of knitting, go to bed early. Okey, dokey, evening sorted.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Worldwide KIP Day

Hey Folks ... how'ya diddlin'?

TB took some foties today. I was sitting outside the shop knitting in honour of WWKIP Day (and because it was roasting in the shop!). However, only one appeared when I was downloading them. Must ask tomorrow if he deleted the others. Like the t-shirt? Was washed when I came home tonight so I can wear it tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow I make my return to the Tramway for it is KnS day. And, indeed, I will be kipping. Here's hoping there will be no drama (haven't been since that incident). However, I have returned from the planet DAFNE and I am controlling my diabetes admirably. Not! Still at the tuning stage - fine-tuning will come later. (She said optimistically.)

I have started a new blog, DAFNE Disciple, to get the boring medical stuff away from here - for this is my knitting blog and all I seem to do is talk about my health (or, lack of it). Haven't posted on it yet. Lucky to get two mins to post on here - trying to get some nagged2k projects done as well as my crochet felted bag (remember that one?).Oh ... and ... giving it ZZZZZ on the couch - am knackered after last week.

So Heather is going to have the abbreviation SB2, because I have two SBs on my list. Don't worry SB2 - it does not stand for Senior Bitch - and I will not crumble under pressure to change it to CB to avoid confusion!!

So, off to bed - if I can get to sleep for singing about coloured outer garments. D ... AL-W is Andrew Lloyd-Webber (and since he has been in my living-room every Saturday night for weeks now, I have dispensed with the formalities of titles!) and I was referring to 'Any Dream Will Do' or 'The Josephs'. Lee won and Keith was second (as I predicted). However, I thought Ben would get through, as the punters favourite, and come third. But my faith in the Lord was restored last week when he booted Ben out - so just as well I had no money on it. (Ben was a nice cheeky chappie type but he couldn't hold a note in a bucket.)

Anyway, off to bed. Will have a wee sticky-beak on some blogs first. Have to get up at 3am (yes, 3am) to check my blood. The way I am, and will be, going, I will be able to hold my needles a new way - am testing my blood so often I will have holes in my fingers so I'll be able to put the needles through them (think Edward Scissorhands). Oo-er, hope I don't get piles.

Nightie, night.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Quick Catch Up

Just a quickie....

... finished DB hoodie and it is in shop. Will take a fotie when I am back in.

... not in this week cos I am on the DAFNE course. It's soooo cool - we get to play with plastic food!

... almost finished front of Rowan slipover and got back out, just to see how it looked - as you do. That's funny. Yes, had misread the pattern for placing the cables on the back. Finished front. Frogged the back when I got home today. (Croak, croak.)

... you girls and your jealousy. Murrrrrrder for him most likely, if he was even to remember, and I was only 11, so had no basis for comparisons thank you very much.

... TAH - too much information!

... D - and you're an accountant! Cool!!!!

... Heather - haven't got an abbreviation for you yet (softlee, softlee, catchee monkee). I can so empathise with Al. Nice to know these things don't just happen to me.

... omigod - cos there is one - AL-W booted out Ben at last!

... off to to prepare for River City after a wee quick look at some blogs.

Catch ya later

Added later (after reading D's list of 8 things) - I repeat, and you're an accountant! Cool!!!!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

8 Things About Me

1 Most unusual place I've knitted.

Wired up in Law hospital ITU where I spent three months. Well, a girl needs something to do.

2. Scariest thing I've done.

Arranging to meet someone I've met on the internet. We're still together after three and a half years and I love him to bits.

3. Most famous person I've snogged.

Jim MacPherson (Taggart) when I was 11.

4. Biggest gamble(s) I've taken.

Opening my wee shop, extending it and then extending it again.

5. Most important thing to me.

Aside from the obvious, the shop's reputation. It's probably the worst thing about me too cos it is worth more to me than money (sorry accountants) and makes me the worst businesswoman in the world.

6. Most stupid thing I've done.

Decided to go for ... breaking my elbow in Lanzarote between checking into the apartments and actually getting into the apartment.

7 Most surprising thing I've done.

Getting my diploma in maths while doing my degree cos I am really, really crap with numbers.

8. Furthest away place I've visited.

Thailand. Went there on my own for a holiday.

Okay D, you are het.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Lucky Dog!

So ... at the weekend, I only got as far as Newcastle while D got to NY (lucky dog!). But .... look what WM got up to!! Now that is one lucky dog!!

Up to Hairmyres today. Saw doc. Being referred to Neurologist. She said there is always a long waiting list for Neurology - unless they suspect cancer. Guess who is not looking for an appointment anytime soon.

Anyway .. what about this ... left car park at 11.50am. Sun was splitting the trees. Window open. Radio on. Shades on. Jacket off. Blower on cold. Gorgeous. Back to shop. Couple of customers came in at 1pm. Just down from East Kilbride - where it was hailstones!!!!! Imagine that. What a change in an hour!

Remembered to lift Addi Turbo so off to finish DB Cashmerino Astrakhan. (Remember - they are all available from Stitching Time, Hamilton.) And it is Friday so I have a date with Ugly Betty.

Catch ya later!