Monday, 30 April 2007

Whodunit? - TBT!

No salutations today - straight in! Must get this off my chest ... guess what!

Didn't touch that blasted thing all day. Went to MWM's after work. Told her about Saturday (sorry - the sad tale of poor Agnes) and last night. She laughed. I started to knit (after double checking what row I was on). MWM laughed again as she asked if I was doing the correct row. 'Oh, ha, ha. Very funny.' After about 20 stitches, I had a nagging doubt about what I was doing. Checked again. Yes, I was doing the wrong row ... AGAIN!!! MWM went into one of her giggling fits and TB just shook his head and carried on with his sudoku as I had to take back the stitches and start again.

That blasted thing is going to be the death of me. One thing I have never had bother with in my sordid medical past is high blood pressure but believe you me, that blasted thing is going to have it going through the roof.

So, my beautiful mini-shawl is forever more going to be referred to as TBT (that blasted thing). If they are looking for a script for a new episode of Taggart, they can tell my story and when the cry goes up 'There's been a muuuurder', no-one will ever guess that TBT did it.

Four stitch, four stitch, repeat. Four rows, four rows. No shaping, nothing. Just a square. How can it be soooo infuriatingly damned hard to get. Bloody hell! You'd think I'd just knitted garter stitch scarves for the past hmm, hmm years and this was my first foray into the world of pattern and that maybe I should have attempted stocking stitch first!!

City and Guilds. City and Guilds? Aye, if each module is to design and knit a garter stitch scarf on 25mm needles in different types of yarn!

Rant over. Going back to get TBT out and give it Hell. I am trying sooo hard not to go there as far as the peaks are concerned. Cross that bridge when I come to it. (Will probably zip through it only to run out of wool two rows from the end. Calm down, Nan)

Oh, oh! Reading 1 - Newcastle 0.As if TBT wasn't giving me enough grief, TB will give me a post-mortem when I go downstairs. My life is the pits.

Teaching Your Granny to Suck Eggs - Part 2

Will I never learn?

Slept all evening then went downstairs for supper. The mini shawl was winking at me, so I picked it up and did a row. Did it wrong. Did the row one pattern instead of the row three pattern. Took it back. Did the row again, then knitted a row. Took some coffee to TB (on the computer, as usual!), came back down and knitted a row. Er ... hadn't I knitted a row before I took the coffee up? Yes. Took it back.

Did three rows and had to take two of them back!!

What was I saying about painkillers and heaters? (Okay, it wasn't a heater - it was a hot water bottle ... but ... a rose by any other name ...)

Going to bed in disgust!!!!!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Teaching Your Granny to Suck Eggs

Don't empty the shredder without unplugging it first. You may accidentally switch it on.

Check documents before shredding. The reverse button doesn't join up all the shredded bits.

Don't do this ...

A reader's story. She has asked that her identity be changed to avoid a (bigger) rid neck.

Agnes woke up on Saturday with a really painful leg/back. She so wanted to stay at home to feel sorry for herself but manged to get dressed and get to work. The painkillers were taking longer than usual to kick in and although she had been trying to keep busy, the pain was foremost in her mind. As a result, she decided to do some knitting to see if that would take her mind off it.

Feeling cold and shivery, despite the weather being a bit warmer, Agnes switched on the heater, sat as close to it as possible and continued with the little project she was working on. It was a pretty little thing - a mini baby shawl. Agnes had chosen the pattern carefully, something simple with a little texture. A little sample of knitting to show customers the beauty of Jamieson's Ultra (Scottish, woollen and fine). The pattern was simple - a texured square centre with a band of peaks around the edge - and Agnes was working on the centre square as she knitted. A four row pattern (two of which were knit) and a four stitch repeat (the first and third row wre identical, except the third row started four stitches along). Just the thing .. not as boring as stocking stitch but just enough to have her thinking while not thinking.

However, Agnes should have known better. As she knitted, she could feel her eyes rolling then closing.Oh no! Not the lethal combination of strong painkillers and direct heat from the heater? But yes! Agnes had forgotten her bad habit of falling asleep anytime, anywhere without warning and that the application of heat was a particularly nasty catalyst. She had not even considered the evil 'drowsiness' side effect of the tablets she was taking to help her through the day.

As she knitted, she snoozed. As she snoozed, she would come too with a start. As she came too with a start, she would check her knitting, make any adjustments necessary, then carry on knitting ... but the cycle would begin again .. and again.. and again. Finally, there was no option but to proceed with the antidote.

On her return from partaking of some fresh air, Agnes decided that perhaps it was not a good idea to knit while she was capable of sleeping on the job. In addition, she had almost been caught a few times. Thank Goodness for old-fashhioned shop door-bells.

Agnes put her knitting away with a sigh, but as she did so, she had a quick check to make sure all was well with the rows she had completed during this time. They looked fine!

The workday finally over, Agnes headed home, looking forward to an evening of relaxation. She would watch Monarchy for an hour, then the Josephs and then Casualty and do lots of knitting all the while. The evening went to plan, surprisingly for Agnes, and by the time she was ready for bed, the centre of the mini shawl was half-complete.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and after breakfast, Agnes had a wee peak at her knitting in the sunshine streaming through the window. One glance was all it took to see the awful sight of a mistake half way down. Probably, this woud have gone undetected, but Agnes knew it was there! So much for the easy pattern! And, with the sound of 'Croak, croak' ringing in her head, the task of frogging was undertaken. Right back to where she had started the day before.

Agnes vowed then, never again to knit full of painkillers right in front of a heater.

So ... don't knit when you are likely to fall asleep while you are doing it - unless it is stocking stitch or a pattern where any mistakes are glaringly obvious.

Hmm. Something similar happened to me! Anyway, I have a sore leg/back too. Yes, just like Agnes.

I was sooo looking forward to the SnK today. It was in a different venue and I hadn't been for a while. However, I'm afraid the sore leg won the 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' debate. I wouldn't have enjoyed it and I'm finding it harder to put on the 'face'. You know, the 'I'm fine' look. I think my eyes are giving me away. However, the reason I wanted to go despite the leg was that I had offered the shop as an alternative venue while the Tramway was unavailable and I didn't want anyone to think I was in some way peeved at not being chosen. Plus, what if people thought I wouldn't have turned up if the the shop had been chosen and they were left hanging about outside. (Er .. I would have been there with bells on and a smile cutting my head in two). But TB said that they'd understand and no-one would think anything of the sort. If I went today, I'd feel the worse for it later and it would do me good to have a rest. So .. stayed at home and slept through it. Painkillers are taking longer to kick in - usually about 11am but afternoon now. IMHO, I'm sure I have a urine infection again and by coincidence have the nerve thing too. Gonna take some p** to the doc tomorrow if I remember.

By for now ... and remember the wise words above.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Balls for Shawls

Look what arrived today. Yippee! Don't want to put it out yet - want to wait until we are putting stuff through in the 'Designer Room'. BTW, I think I am using that name so much that TB is coming round to it. lol Got Ultra and Cobweb Ultra. It's lovely. No sign of Yarn Forward magazines though!

Have taken a ball each of Ultra and Cobweb Ultra and I am going to knit two wee mini shawls with them for display. 'What, not full size ones?' Aye, that'll be right! And they still wouldn't be finished by the time I retire, so no way. I have decided what I am doing though. I am going to use the Cobweb Ultra to do a mini Heirloom Knitting Daisies Shawl using 4.5mm needles. I had a wee go at starting it tonight but got to 30 rows and noticed a wee hole where there shouldn't have been a wee hole, so .. croak, croak. Wanted to get the LH sleeve done anyway, so wasn't too bothered. In addition, I want to use my rosewood 4mm needles to do the Ultra mini shawl (using them for LH). I am going to use a Patons pattern and cut it down to about 30 x 30 (cms, not ins! lol) It has a plain-ish centre and just one border (of peaks), so it shouldn't take (too) long. TB suggested I use one of the (Heirloom) patterns that came, but I think the glare he got was enough to let him know that that was pushing nagged2k just a bit too far! Anyway, I have my eye on one for myself and that will keep me busy for a wee while.

I have knitted one shawl in the past. I did it for MBN when she was expected. I was too busy f*rting about knitting this and that that I left it a bit late and had to go like the clappers to get it finished before she was born. Luckily she was 3 weeks late and it was finished in time. However, it put me off shawls for life - especially with all that pinning and stretching nonsense - so MB and SB didn't get one of their own. But ... now I feel guilty and am considering doing them one each now. 21 and 18? They won't think I'm mad, they know that anyway!!!

So, I'm off - just a little one tonight. Actually, I'm off to get rid of this eye make-up. My eyes are gowping. Must be needing a new mascara.

Nighty, night.

ps (Added later) Have put first Blogland Special on shop blog. Worth a look! ... and thanks Heather!! Link sorted.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Eats Shoots and Leaves

Don't worry - it's not the awful panda joke. Instead, I'd like to introduce you to Toonie. This is Toonie the big one. Jamesie, the wee one, is too busy posing beside the Wendy Pure to have a tea-break, do some knitting and have a photograph taken!

Because my two new little friends are black and white, there was only one way to go as far as names were concerned and that was down the Newcastle United road. Toonie is after Toon Army and Jamesie is after St James' Park.

I thought I would get a little assistance from TB, since he is a Magpie, but, no. All I got was a shrug of the shoulders, a shake of the head and some inaudible muttering. Well, inaudible apart from the words 'crackers', 'getting' and 'worse'.

So, Toonie is knitting a little something with the Wendy Pure in a beautiful soft shade of pink. He should have gone for one of the other colours, because the wee cross-over cardigan is in that shade, but once a panda has made up it's mind ... Perhaps, when the rest of my Rowan bamboo yarn (eventually) comes in, he will knit something up in that. Mind you, it is sooo long since it was ordered that I can't remember what colours were ordered. Meantime, there is a lovely beige-y shade sitting on it's ownsome thinking it has been stood up!

At shaping of LH cardi right front. Was so pleased with my progress, I had to go and get a new dummy so it would have something to wear it when it is completed. Hope the dummy fits it! Never mind, if it doesn't there will be a bit of clothes swapping then I can knit up somthing else to show off.

CG update - nothing back from Fiona yet. Honestly, it's like waiting for the exam results coming (well, like it was in the days when the exam results came in an envelope through the letter-box). Mind you, since I don't know if I will hear by post or by e-mail, I am jumping on my mail-box every two minutes, so, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose! lol

India is going to be doing it too, so there is a wee gang of study buddies (is there a collective noun?) building up. So, in the words of he who shall forever remain nameless, d'ya wanna be in my gang? C'mon Kathleen, you know you want to!

Designer Room update. Opening through is completed. Wall lights to be removed, then room painted and carpet cleaned. There are sheets of sticky stuff on the windows and I am dying to get it off. I had a wee poke about at it and it is going to be a marathon task. However, I have a few bottles of Sticky Stuff Remover at the ready. (Right, how can this question not deserve a pure sarky answer. 'What's that for?' Not once, but twice, TB set himself up for 'Removing sticky stuff.')

Got my new stick-y out signs put up outside (not much use inside) and it's great. It feels even more like a good old-fashioned, wee wool (and not forgetting, sewing) shop. I love all these 'American' style shops, they are wonderful, but they are not me. I see the 'Designer Room' in that sort of vein but I wouldn't put any money on it being like that after a wee while. lol, when I think about how the shop was when I opened. lol Goodness, I thought then that if in five years time and things were going well and the chance to get next door came up, I would expand. Wow! I would never have thought that I would have been in next door and going in next door again!

That's all for now folks. Off to watch The Apprentice and finish the right front and, hopefully, start the sleeve. (But not before I have done a wee bit blogging and seen what has been going with people who have lives.)

Missing you already!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Capital Afternoon Out

Hi there!

Not long back from Edinburgh and what a beautiful afternoon it was. Sun was shining and it was warm. In fact, it was warm enough to sit outside for lunch and then again for a light refreshment on the way home. Lovely!

Popped into HK What a lovely shop! They didn't have the Addi Turbos I was looking for so I'm afraid I didn't buy anything. However, every cloud has a silver lining - I manged to get a panda at last!! In fact, I was so exited about getting one that I bought two. One big and one small. I have done every shop in Hamilton to no avail and was even considering Ebay but - yippee! - job done. All I have to do now is give them names and I can get them knitting and posing with the bamboo yarn in the shop. Little one posing and big one knitting. (Will have to cast on for it though!)

We were heading home and I decided that, since we were in the vicinity, I would go back the other way ie via the airport. It was rush hour but didn't seem too bad. We had seen a nice wee pub on the way there and thought we would pay it a visit going home so that we could miss the traffic but since the route was changed we thought we would stop somewhere else.

The traffic was getting heavier and heavier and by the time we had reached the Gyle, it was necessary to stop for a comfort break. I was driving (and I'm not drinking these days anyway) so I was happy with a coffee but someone wanted a pint. The guy at the Information Desk (hee-hee) pointed us in the direction of The Ritz across the way from the shopping centre. So it was there we sat outside in the sunshine having a wee drink (and me doing my knitting).

Time to leave, traffic all gone and a quick jaunt over the M8. Wrong! Roadworks! Onto the M8 and a quick jaunt home. Wrong! An accident at Harthill and a tailback a mile long. Football traffic.It took an hour and a half to get from The Gyle to Hamilton. Guess we shouldn't have stopped but then don't think TB could have kept his wee legs crossed all that way. Mind you - could have popped into TAH's. Ah well, it was a lovely afternoon until the journey home.

So, up to armhole shaping of first sleeve of LH cardigan. It was meant to be the right front but when I was decreasing the ribbon stitches to start on the angora, I discovered I had cast on too many stitches. However, luck being on my side for once, the number of sttiches I had corresponded with the sleeve pattern, so the right front became a sleeve. Will finish that tonight and sew up what can be sewn up. I'm now looking for a wee black velvet dress for the lucky dummy that is going to be wearing it. (It's going to be too small for TB, too bad!)

Actually, HK .. had some beautiful ladies garments on display. Must ask Carol if they borrow them or have them knitted up. I tend to stick to baby/toddler things because they knit up so much quicker but ... I know some suppliers lend display garments but I like to knit with the yarns and wash them etc so I can give a better account. I have had people knit for me in the past but it's not the same. Well , for a start it's not my knitting! (Does that sound .. hmm .. d'you know what I mean?) I do have some customers whose work I really admire, but they are always busy doing other things and then there is the horrible, horrible issue of how much to pay. Aaaarrghhh!

Getting tired now. You can tell, cos the garbage is even more garbage-y than usual.

Night, night. Sleeve will just have to wait!

PS Kathleen - you can start the C&G course any time and take as long as you like. Don't wait for us to finish, jump in and have a couple of study buddies for morale support.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

City and Guilds - Watch Out, Wee Minty About!

Here is the back of the LH Cardi. It is growing on me cos it looks stunning under the light when I am knitting at night. Getting through the left front and would have finished it by now if I hadn't had a hypo and fallen asleep afterwards. Ah well, c'est la vie!
If you happened to read the comment on my last post, and even if you didn't, Heather and I are going to embark upon a journey of discovery aka City and Guilds 7922. This is a certificate in hand-knitting. Just at the registration stage at the moment but really looking forward to it. Prepare yourself for highs and lows of that one! Actually, I'm a bit nervous of being Heather's study buddy. She is sooo modest about her work. Check out her blog and compare it with mine for FO's. I am a 'does exactly what it says on the tin' kinda knitter while she is creative! In my defense though, if you are being nagged2k you have to knit the pattern as is (okay I might change the colour for the less imaginative) but I'm a lazy old cow and it's a brill cop out!
So, I hope to blow the cobwebs away and get the brain working again.(Again? - didn't even know you had one - TB)
BTW, had a nice long soak in the bath accompanied by this month's Knitting magazine. Had had a quick flick through when I got it, spotted the LH cardi and started it and also saw a couple of knitted beaded necklaces that I thought I'd go back to after the cardi. So, looking for something to read in the bath, took the mag with me. Before I even got to the necklaces, I couldn't believe it, the editorial told me that the necklaces were designed by Fiona Morris. Fiona Morris is the lady who is running the C&G course. Fancy that! Oo-er well spotted though ... here was me planning a bit of plagarism before I had even enrolled. lol
You will notice that I haven't got round to looking at the html yet - massive paragraphs!
Off to get on with the cardi (didn't even look at the wee bonnet - Tuesday methinks!)
Catch you anon.
ps Have started a sensible blog for the shop. Sensible? Me? Yes, well, it doesn't do anyone any good playing the fool all the time - sometimes you just have to put your hair up and hang tight for a while.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

But Why No Gloves?

Well, there it is - the New Lanark Aran slipover. I apologise for the model. She doesn't like having her photo taken and the photographer wouldn't take the shot if he had to cut her head off.

Another one has been started (4 rows of rib done) using the Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed Aran sitting on the model's right shoulder.

Almost at the shaping of the Louisa Harding Kimono Angora Cardigan now and would have finished it by now if I hadn't fallen asleep on the two occasions I was working on it. Sometimes I look at it and think I don't like it and sometimes I think I do. Will reserve judgement until after completion.

I can't get the hang of the download images palaver. Mhairi does it by altering the html. I am going to have a go but I will wait until one of the long weekends so that I have time to spend time on it. However, I have decided that the website must be published and soon, so I guess I will be working on that a fair bit. Various reasons for it not being done yet .. blah, blah .. but when we started to populate the software we had (and had spent a bit of money on - software, maintenance and training) it just wasn't what I wanted so we are going to start again from scratch. (Cor blimey, not all that again!)

Meantime, how do you like my t-shirt? Available from Stitching Time, Hamilton in all the usual t-shirt sizes and, unusually for these sorts of t-shirts, great quality for the super-duper price of £10. Have your own 'she'd have to be drunk to knit that' photo in place of the groooooovy little Aran effort for only an extra £2. Indeed, why not go the whole hog and have the text changed too if you fancy it. I am going to get a 'nagged2k' one done - I have a 'Stitching Time' one already. (Must look it out now the weather is improving.)

That's all the excitement you're getting from me this evening - don't want the blood pressure getting too high. Found a wee baby bonnet needing finished and want to get the LHKA cardi back finished tonight, if not a front started. Have a pile of things needing knitted for display in the Designer Room (kinda slips off the tongue!) so I'm being nagged2k again.

So, it's goodnight from me, and it's goodnight from her (up the top).

ps Some of those Josephs are a weeee bit grating.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Beegone With You!

Bee was disposed of with all the great dignity befitting the Rasputinesque murder of said bee. Rubber gloves, empty fag packet and picky up stick thing with pincers (technical term). Amen.

Hole update. Waiting for plaster to dry so painting can be done. New towels and a various assortment of toilet requirements in place in (third!) toilet. (Add to snagging list - toilet is not flushing. Er .. thank you whoever brought that to my attention, although a written message may have been more appropriate.) New Designer Yarns stand has arrived. Candelabra is staying as a fitting fixture and probably as close as I will get to my vision of how I would like the room to be. Soz, girls! Still going for the Designer Room sign - akin to 'Ralph's Room' in Slaters.

Knitting update. Have now completed 4 rows of Debbie Bliss slipover. Put it aside in favour of the Louisa Harding Kimono Angora girl's cardigan as featured in this month's Knitting magazine. The magazine has a new look which is very nice. The Miss Millie pattern book and Louisa Harding Kimono Angora and Kimono Ribbon are all available from Stitching Time, Hamilton. This project is a nagged2k project. The garment in the photo is done in the blue colourway, both shade 2, as used by Kathleen for her gorgeous scarf, but I am doing it in the lilac colourway, both shade 4.

Bought a new dummy today. It is still too big for the Wendy Mode crossover cardigan display but I am going to undress Wee Baby Bowie, (yes - all the 'good' dummies have names) and dress it in the said cardi and cute wee dress,

Mhairi slipped into her blog that she is off to New York and in between seeing the sights she is going to indulge in some SEX. There's an idea for a telly programme - Sex in the City. Major cities and the best places for sex. Wonder if Hamilton would qualify for an episode. I like Mhairi's blogs but she is such a tease. She slips in little titbits and leaves you gagging for more. She has a Secret Project on the go and was giving nothing away. Then, she had it with her at the last KnS, the one I couldn't go to because of my leg, and afterwards posted a picture with just enough detail to keep me guessing. Naughty girl, but just shows you - accountants get an unfair 'boring' reputation.

Sky+ goblin ran away with my recording of Ugly Betty and put it down a well. Too many goblins running away with things and putting them down wells.

Time for beddie-byes. No Yarn Forward magazines have arrived yet ... but maybe tomorrow?

Oh, Mhairi. Here is a wee story about knitting for your stateside visit. A customer story and I promise not to embellish. Said customer was over in New York for a long weekend. She was doing the sights although it was really cold. Up the Empire State Building she wrapped her Jet Whisper scarf around her head and neck and put her hat on top. (In case you don't know, Patons Whisper is an eyelash yarn and Jet is a lovely black, white and grey mix) A woman came over to her and said 'I hope you don't mind me saying, but I was just admiring your beautiful ... beard.' lol (Oh! And guess what she was in to buy when she told me the story - yep, more Jet Whsper to knit her friend a scarf.) lol Moral of story? Pride comes before a fall? Who cares, it's just funny.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

To Bee, Or Not To Bee? That Is The Question.

Been to Livi and had a baldy. Also had some strange conversations with topics such as 'How do insects have their babies?', 'Cats don't have belly-buttons' (Buster was used as an example - much to his disgust), 'How should Nan refer to Andy (TAH's husband) on her blog?' and 'Hamsters and the life expectancy of'.

Elsie liked her birthday presents - didn't mention the original one but will fess up next time I see her and I don't know if TAH happened upon the topic before the Blog Goblin ran away with it .. it will all come out in the wash as they say even though it hurts me to use such an (in)appropriate cliche. However, Elsie is a Suicide Bunny devotee and into rings n bracelets n stuff so probably alls well that ends well.

The choice for Andy was between TAHP (the auld hoor's pimp) and MTM (Malcolm the Monkey - don't ask). Outcome? Forever and ever, Andy will be known as MTM. Lol - when I was leaving I did say 'Cheeriebubs, Malcolm', much to his horror and much to the delight (at his reaction) of TAH and Elsie.

Was going to post the picture of me in my New Lanark slipover but the camera batteries were needing recharged. Oh, thank the Lord! TB wouldn't cut my head off in the photo and I hate having my photo taken, so I look like a tube. Anyway, will get the charger out and leave it to work overnight. Not because I am desperate to have my pic published, but I want to take some more pics.

Managed to knit 2 rows of my Debbie Bliss slipover at Livi. Yes, 2 rows. 2 more than I usually manage. lol. Elsie has a pair of fingerless gloves (or Hobo gloves as the fashionistas call them) - I think I will knit her a pair. She was talking about stripey ones. So I will raid my stash and see what I come up with. Yeah, yeah. We'll see if that materialises. It did make me laugh though because she sniggered at mine when I took them over when I had finished them. I'm such a trendsetter!!

So ... what's with the title of today's drivel? Oh, my giddy aunt, I'm still getting shivers up my spine with the thought of it!)

We came home from work last night and I spotted a huge bee beside the drain in the wee sinky bit in the middle of the sink (technical term). 'Oh! Look at that bee!' The reply was not 'My! It's huge!' (or words to that effect) but a swift turn of the hot tap. 'Oh! I only meant look at the size of it, not kill it!' 'Too late now.' The hot water was getting hotter and I left them to it while I took my jacket off. 'Oh for goodness sake' (or words to that effect) 'It's away. Turn the tap off.' 'No. It's still there.' Sure enough, the scalded bee was still there and clinging onto the edge of the drain for dear life. then ... down it went. Shook my head and headed off to powder my nose. On my return, the tap was still running and the window was starting to steam up. 'Aw, come on.' (or words to that effect.) 'Honestly, it's still there. Look.' Sure enough, the bee was back. Ten minutes later and no hot water it was decided that the bee was indeed a goner this time

24 hours later....

Dropped TB off before I headed off to Livi. Went into kitchen to take a couple of painkillers before setting off and TB went to fill the kettle. 'It's back.' 'What is?' 'The bee' 'What bee?' 'The bee from last night.' 'Aye right!' (Or words to that effect.) 'It is.' 'Aye right.' (Or words to that effect.) 'It is. I'm telling you.' 'Stop winding me up.' 'It is.' 'Oh move over and let me see then. You and your wind ups.' (Or words to that effect.) I looked into the sink and (there go the shivers again) the bee was, climbing out of the drain. It was pure black and about twice the original size. 'Aaaaaarrrghh! Get rid of it.' On went the hot tap again. Would it go? Not bloody likely!!! Then, from someone who was only commenting on the size of it originally and was horrified at the cruelty then bestowed upon it, came the shout 'Pour bleach on it. That'll get the wee b.' Bleach was duly poured along with the hot water and I went to powder my nose before the journey.

So, ready to leave, I went to get the car keys from the kitchen and have a look at the empty sink. Ha ha. Got you this time. 'Aaaaaarrghhh! It's back!' It was on the top of the drain. 'No, man. It's deid! I told you.' My stomach churned all the way to Livi.

Anyway, came home and went to check that TB had got rid of the body. Had he? No.He had been on the computer all the time I was away. 'Could you not get rid of that?' 'Ach, man! Just get some kitchen roll and put it in the bin.' 'Aye that'll be right.' (Or words to that effect.) You do it.' 'Just scrunch up some kitchen roll.' 'No. You do it.' 'No you do it.' 'You do it.' It is still there (cos TB quickly went to bed and I'm, sure as Hell, not doing it). And if I go down the stairs tomorrow morning and it is NOT there, I guarantee, no matter where you happen to be, you will hear me scream!!!

Boy, I had some strange dreams last night, but if I dream about bees tonight ....

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Candelabras v Fluorescent Tubes?

Ouch! Back to work today and what a bad move that was!!!

Joiner was in and put up wooden bit (technical bit) to support the hole and a wee ramp because the passage through the hole is uneven. I say passage because the hole is about 30 inches (yes, inches not cms!) deep. Plasterer is due tomorrow.

I took some photos with my phone (and that still makes me giggle) because I forgot my camera but they still come out a bit grainy so I'm not going to publish them. Will mind camera tomorrow. However, there was one I couldn't resist taking (much to TB's disgust - but he's a man and what does he know?). It is the light in the new new bit of the shop. Guess what. It is a candelabra!!!!!!!!!!! Should I leave it or go for fluorescent tubes? Hmmm! Still having dreams about my 'Designer Room' so it might stay. But .. light may not be so good for serious study of yarns etc. On the other hand ... realaxing background music, coffee, chocolates, fragrant pot plants, no children, elegant furnishings, ... candelabra. What do you think? Should it stay or should it go? You must be 18 or over. You must ask permission of whoever pays the bill. lines will close at 9pm, 19 April 2007. You may be charged for any thoughts after that time.

Going for a baldy tomorrow. Hurrah! Now here's a funny thing. I'm growing my hair a bit longer again ... but ... can't wait to get it cut. Strange? No. What is strange is that I'm a woman and I can't fathom out the logic of a woman. lol Anyway, off to Livi and wil see my besi mate (TAH) and Elsie. Yes, Elsie will get her birthday present a month late. Hope she likes it. Well, even if she doesn't, I think she will like it more than the original pressie. (Note to self: get those felting photos back on - the Blog Goblin ran away with them and threw them down a well.)

Yarn Forward magazines are being despatched from 18 April. Hurrah! Should have them by end of week at latest. Can't wait - I really like that magazine.

Must get a wee photo of my New Lanark slipover. I really like it. I am thinking of doing another one in Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed (available at Stitching Time, Hamilton) but I can't decide on which colour to use. Fancied the green but I'm doing my Louisa Harding Grace (also available from Stitching Time, Hamilton) in green so ... going for the pink. BTW, like anything else, the photos on the link don't do justice to the actual colours of the yarn. Oh, I know what knitting I am taking to Livi tomorrow. (Another note to self: look out pattern and needles and put in - another - bag to go with me tomorrow.)

Must get a van - the number of bags I take with me every day - handbag, briefcase, lsd box bag (those M&S food bags are just the berries!), food bag, washed towels and mugs bag, thngs to go to MWM's bag, dry cleaning things bag, things I have been working on at home bag, knitting bag, .. blah blah .. etc. Yeah, yeah and TB will say the biggest bag is driving. Oh, ha ha, very funny, I don't think!

Fell asleep and missed The Apprentice tonight. Snoring woke me up in time to watch the You've Been Fired bit and it was the quantum physicist, Sophie. lol Not a wise move to say how you don't like selling .. to Sir Al. They are doing the buying and selling 'Art' next week. Must set it on the series link. Missing 'Life On Mars'. I was quite emotional last week when it finished. (Saddo!)

Anyway, off to bed. Long day tomorrow.

See ya. Wouldn't want to be ya.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Gosh! A Galosh! A Posh Galosh!

Evenin' all!

Here is what I've done of the first Tofutsies sock. It looks massive. Might have to give them to MWM cos she has massive feet. The pattern is from the last issue of Yarn Forward magazine. (And guess what! Stitching Time, Hamilton is going to be stocking it. Hurry, hurry, hurry before they are all gone!)

Remember my dilemma about measuring my feet? Tried using a ruler but I still had my trainers on so I thought that was a bad idea. (Mind you, could probably get them on over my trainers - ooh, galoshes!) Decided to go for the smelly foot in the knitting option. Yeah, a bit loose above the ankle but my feet and legs do swell up a bit and my poor wee leg-ends look like fancy table leg-ends when I take my boring old shop bought socks off so they might just be being kept. Soz MWM!

So after I did that I happened upon the comment Kathleen left on my last post re the measuring lark. It seems she found out that her bamboo needles were from a bad batch when she was trying her sock on her foot so I should be careful. I wondered and wondered what on earth she was doing with the needles over her ankles - I just slipped my little tootsies in and the needles just came halfway up the sole of my foot. Was she trying them on upside down? (Toeless socks? Nice for sandals, I suppose) She couldn't put them on from the top down. Could she? (As far as I know she has two legs and isn't a contortionist. Is she?) Nope. Couldn't fathom it. Oh, wait a minute!! Maybe, she hadn't turned the heel yet and was measuring the length down to the heel from the top, not from the heel to the toes. Honestly, I shouldn't think. It hurts my head- even with these painkillers. Sorry Kathleen, but my imagination and limited thought processes allowed me a good laugh at your expense. Think of it as Care in the Community.

Back still sore but going back to work tomorrow. Probably shouldn't, but needs must n all that. Was supposed to be meeting some friends from my previous existence for lunch today but had to take a rain-check. Amongst other things, I want to see how my hole is. There are some chairs and tables through there and I wonder if Rigsby (the landlord) is chucking them out. I know where I could find a wee home for them. They would be useful in the back room where I hope to hold classes. I'm not going to do them all myself. Good Lord! But if anyone is interested in holding classes or meetings, I know where there is a good-sized room to let (reasonable rates). And .. there is a secret passage to a scrummy wee wool and embroidery shop which could be made available in or out of shop opening times!! Seriously though, it would be a grand way of making a few extra pennies if anyone was interested.

Also want to know if my copies of the afore-mentioned Yarn Forward magazine will be there. Yummy! We are going to be getting some other magazines in too - Simply Knitting. Knitting, Vogue and whatever else I can get my mitts on. Yippee! I can hear TB now 'There will be no work from you then?' when the new issues arrive. 'You have to know your products, Sweetheart!' lolol

So, I am heading off to bed now. I've climbed the wooden hill and I'm not going back down until Morning Time. (Rockin', rollin', ridin' Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart has a lot to answer for!)

I have said it before and I'll say it again. I can't thank TB enough for looking after me the past week. Especially since I know now that he is in a lot of pain himself after all the work he did on Sunday. The only reason I know is that he took painkillers today and he doesn't do painkillers. I think it was the window grills that did it. They weigh a ton. Honestly, they are seriously heavy. It is bad enough taking them down, but trying to get them back up (especially on your own) is not recommended.

So nightie, night. Sleep tight. Don't let bugs bite.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

I've Got a Big Hole!


Well ... moaning over yesterday - will try not to bring it up again. I was doing this for a laugh not for a sounding board after all!!

Anyway, managed to do a bit of my sock. No, make that socks. If I say sock I might not do the second one. I hate doing things in pairs cos I know I still have to do another one once the first one is done. Maybe I should have done just one big sock for both feet (like the ones Billy Connolly used to go on about although I don't suppose the ones advertised in the Sunday Post were Tofutsies ones!) I have turned the heel and am dreading the 'do it long enough' bit. Do I use a ruler? Do I use one of my existing socks? Do I put my big smelly foot in my knitting? Will post a photo of the first one when it is done and that might spur me on to do the other one. Well that and a frozen foot. Although ... cotton .. lacy pattern .. frozen foot and one not so frozen?

Fancy doing some wooly ones for next winter but only after I knit some fresh new fingerless gloves. This winter's got a bit scabby through mega use. Boy, do they make a difference! (Or was that because I wore a pair of fingerless gloves under a pair of fingerless mitts? Better do at least one pair of each!)

TB was up at the crack of dawn and headed off to the shop. He returned about 20 mins later. Forgot keys. If I hadn't been so out of it with my leg I would have lmao. Anyway, hurrah, I've got a big hole but it is covered with a huuuuge plastic bag to stop the stoor escaping. The joiner is coming back tomorrow to put up some wooden bits (technical terms again). TMO took me down to see it - only after I said if she wouldn't I would get a taxi. She had seen me earlier in the afternoon and diagnosed me as unfit to view holes - mine or otherwise. I did feel a lot better - honestly!

What a hoot! We started putting wool back in the cabinets and she was complaining about how long it was taking her and how hard it was. I told her no-one said it was easy working in a wool shop. I had to show her how to do it. Fill the boxes from the back. Put the wool out so you can see how much you have of each colour before you put it in. Don't wear jaggy rings or bracelets. Don't wear fingerless gloves. Turn the labels to the front. If the labels are sideways, have them facing the same way. Don't put the balls in upside down. Be careful with the doughnuts - they are a bugger cos they fall to bits. Put the newer lot numbers at the back. Blah, blah. Let her off with quite a few things - just wanted it out for tomorrow. lolol

TB has nearly done all of the outside painting including the grills on the windows. I hadn't seen the windows with both grills off before. They weigh a ton. He couldn't believe I had taken them off and put them back myself - I did ask why he thought they weren't off very often.

He has been a wee gem this week.I don't know what I would have done without him. I couldn't have gone to the shop and he was a cracker. I don't know how my leg will be tomorrow but I really have to get in there. However, if I can't, I can't.

Felt quite guilty for making the comment about my neighbour yesterday but when I looked out again and saw her I felt it was deserved and then I saw Heather's comment and I thought 'Yep. You know where I am coming from.' BTW, loved the bit about 'what a bummer' - I hadn't even mentioned that the pain goes through my buttock. lolol

So off to peeps. Hope I get a good sleep tonight.

Catch y'all later.

ps Didn't get to SnK today. Bet the staff were checking the loos in pairs!

Getting On My Nerves


So it is a glorious Saturday afternoon and why am I at home and not at work? And if it is so glorious, why am I not taking advantage of being at home and working in the garden?

Well, folks I am off because it seems I damaged my femoral nerve whilst passed out on a toilet seat in the Tramway the other week! It is so painful that I can't do anything - can't stand too long, can't sit too long, can't lie too long and can't walk any distance. I've said it before and I'll say it again - my life sucks!! Should change the name of my blog. Anyway, all this health nonsense is getting on my nerves. Wouldn't mind so much if I could knit for a wee while but I can't. Won't stop me trying later though when the painkillers kick in. Have to wait about two hours then I get about an hour when the edge is taken off then I I have to wait until I can take the next lot.

I have to take another tablet before going to bed. It does something to the messages being sent along the nerve and the idea is that I can get a sleep. Yes, I haven't been able to sleep and since I can sleep anytime, anywhere, it will give you an idea. Funny thing is ... when I was reading the gumph that comes in the box, the tablets are also used for children who bed-wet. So, no problems there then. lol

So ... the wall saga. The builder came in on Thursaday to start and the landlord has told him to use some sort of saw (too technical for me). I expect because it is quicker and cheaper. However, TB knows about the mess and stoor these saws create so he had a wee word with them. Could you imagine the yarns when they come round to this side to start cutting? Doesn't bear thinking about. There was no mess the last time we cut through, so here's hoping the wee word gets through. TB will be staying late tonight to pack up the yarns and then has to be down at the shop tomorrow at 9am for the work being done.

I am more bothered that I probably won't get to the KnS tomorrow. Oh dear! My one and only place of solace.

Oh well, must go and change position again. Stand or lie this time? Decisions, decisions. Just glanced out of the window and have seen my over the back neighbour out wearing shorts and a halter neck. Aaargh! That is such a scary sight. Since my chosen place to stand is in the kitchen at the back door, I think I will go and have a lie down. I wouldn't be able to see her from there but just knowing .... groan's enough to make you heave!

So ta-ta for now. Hope to be a bit cheerier next time!!

ps Big thank you to TB and TMO for their help and caring over the past few days.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you.
This is the wee crossover cardi I started at the SnK last Sunday before my major hypo. (The dress I did not make - lol - it is George at Asda.) The wool is Wendy Pure, available at Stitching Time, Hamilton. It is the Wendy bamboo yarn. It was lovely to work with and it is nice and soft.
so why is it being displayed on a minging coathanger and not on a dummy? Well ... for display garments I usually do the largest size with the fewest number of balls. This saves me breaking into a ball for a few rows. You know how irritating that is!! I knew where I was going to put it, had been to Asda and picked this cute wee dress, got it finished and couldn't wait to get it on display. Cut all the labels off the dress. Got a dummy. Unbuttoned the dress ... too wee for dummy. I know .. I will leave the dress unbuttoned and put the cardi over it and no-one will be any the wiser. Wrong. Cardi was too wee too! Best laid plans and all that. Coat hanger jobs. I hate them. They look nasty and cheap but there isn't room for loads of dummies - especially when the biggest one of all keeps moving about (TB, lol)
So what is going on with the extension? Er, that will be a big zero. Not a happy chappie at the moment.But, every cloud has a silver lining .. no extension, no rent due!!
TB might just be coming round to my way of thinking for it though. Wait for this one. We were down at Homebase buying paint in anticipation and TB said that maybe we should get some plants for through there. I had a wee vision of my 'By Appointment Only' room and added a couple of standard lamps, occasional tables and jardinieres. A chaise longue appeared but then I came back to reality when I heard "Magnolia or white?"
TB has started painting the outside window frames. Unfortunately, the weather has not been too good over the weekend so the job isn't finished yet. However, it seems that someone was telling customers to kick the ladders as they went past. Hmm. Wonder who that was?
Not had much of a rest this weekend. Been doing a bit of work, stood ironing all day yesterday and doing some nagged2k knitting. Two beanies - one in Patons Moonglow and one in Wendy Moiselle. That's because they are both on special this month as well as Gedifra Inizio, but there is already something knitted up in that. Have also finished the New Lanark slipover. Yippee! It fits me so TB has had it! lol Will wear it tomorrow. Going to finish the Gedifra Filrosa scarf today so that will be another UFO completed!!
Oh well ..things to do, places to go, people to meet n all that.
See ya.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Day off today - yippee!

Managed to have a long lie before starting on work. Yes ... some day off. However, it has to be done.

TLA left last month and pretty much I can't do 6 days a week. So we have decided to close the shop on Tuesdays. I would have closed on a Monday to have 2 days off together, but since we don't take a holiday during the year it seems better to close on a Tuesday and get a few long weekends when there are Public Holidays.

Anyway, it was gorgeous today and managed to get some washing out to dry. It is so much nicer when the washing has dried outside. Toddled down to Asda and got some messages and a lovely wee dress to show off the bamboo crossover cardigan when it is finished. Headed across to Homebase and got some paint for the new bit in the shop and some heavy-duty screws to hang up our new sticky-out signs,

Came back and got some more work done and now I am doing this while TB makes the tea.

Had a mini hypo while we were out and Snack Size Mars Bars are so handy to carry in my bag. Mind you, they are not so tasty when you have to eat them!!

Oh well, couple of minutes and tea will be ready. Better go and check blood and spike up.

Might get back of cardi done tonight.

Catch y'all later.

Monday, 2 April 2007

Drama At The Tramway - Director's Cut

Was at KnS yesterday. KnS is SnB's new name.

Made to leave just after four and went to loo first as usual.Next thing I was aware of was my name being shouted over and over, but not Nan, Agnes. Turned out to be two paramedics. Had had a bad hypo and was unconscious. They had already given me a glucogen injection which I didn't know about and were feeding me hypostop (yuck). Was then fed a Mars Bar and Coke. Sugar was still below 2 at this point.

Turned out, the staff from the Tramway were checking the toilets before closing for the evening (7pm) and heard me snoring. They called an ambulance and had to use a screwdriver to get the toilet door open. I didn't want to go to hospital so they kept me in the ambulance until TMO turned up to collect me. TMO and BIL went back later to collect my car while TB looked after me at home.

This is not the full story. I just wanted to get this down so I would have a reminder because although I have had serious hypos before, this is the first where I have been as bad and not been at home or in a comfort zone and not had someone with me.

However, me being me, there is always something stupid in a story but I will wait until I am ready to laugh about it before I put that in print! When I started to come round and they were asking how I was, I was unable to speak coherently, but what I wanted to say was that I felt awful for the trouble I had put everyone to. But .. now I have time to think about it, I am sooo grateful to the staff at the Tramway and the paramedics couldn't have been better. They knew what they were doing, they were kind and patient and they made me feel safe. I am quite scared about the whole thing because I now realise how far into the hypo I must have been to pass out like that but I wasn't aware of what was happening. I must have thought something wasn't right because I had eaten chocolate but I didn't know. Even scarier is that if I had left 5 minutes earlier and hadn't gone to the toilets ... I would have been in the car.

Perhaps now my doctors will take notice and get me the help I need?

Yep, my life sucks!

PS Before this all kicked off, I managed to get the front of an 18 inch crossover cardigan knitted. It is in Wendy Pure (bamboo tape) and available from Stitching Time, Hamilton. Perhaps this was a warning that Nagged2k knitting should not encroach on on my me knitting time?