Monday, 26 February 2007

Hypochondria - I fancy I have that.

Only two more peeps till my wee fat baldy Geordie midget is back. And oh what a night we will have. Yeah right .. he is going to watch football and I am off to Livingston to see my bezie mate, TAH (the auld hoor, Loraine).

Not much blogging tonight - am going to go to bed early. Well you see, MWM has to phone every morning at 7am to wake me up. I then have to flush the loo to prove I am up. (yes ... you read that correctly!) However, this morning she had to go to the next stage of the procedure. The one where she can't get an answer and I may be lying in a coma stage. Remember - diabetic. So what did I wake up to this morning? TMO pounding up the stairs, (teachers voice at full teacherness), my alarm clock (still) going off and my mobile snooze giving merry Hell. Yep. Slept through the phone ringing about twenty times, the alarm clock ringing for forty minutes and my mobile snoozing every ten minutes. What woke me up. TMO. Yes, the next stage in the procedure is phone the emergency service. I should record her voice and have that played at 7am - that would get me up in a hurry!

Of course, what made it worse was that I had zonked out in my joggies and t-shirt and there were piles of ironing lying everywhere. 'Are those clothes or night-clothes?' 'Don't leave those lying there. That's dangerous.' ' Have you phoned Mum yet?' (On phone) 'No, she's just lying down again. Her eyes are shut.' 'Nan. GET UP! Speak to your mother.' Of course my eyes were shut. I couldn't open them cos I had zonked out before I got my make-up off and the mascara was like superglue. Could have been worse though, last time she sent BIL.

Boy, you couldn't make this up!

I am soooooo tired. In fact, I feel a dose of hypochondria coming on. But I am not going into that just now. (Well, not when there are medical sites to visit and I already have the medical dictionary downstairs for a little light reading.)

So, it's goodnight from me.

ps Hey Scottie. Mind and leave a comment fur yer auntie.
pps On my next blog I will tell you about the goodies that came today. yum, yum

Saturday, 24 February 2007

TMO - spot the teacher

Good day to you all. Hope you are well.

When TMO came into the shop yesterday, I showed her my blog. Comments included - 'What a load of rubbish.' 'That doesn't make sense.' and 'Went. I went. Not I go. I went.' I told her it was a blog and it was blogspeak. 'Tut!' and off she went to the shops. Guess which one of us is the teacher.

TB phoned 4 times and text once while I was sleeping last evening. Never heard a thing. Bliss! Getting a bit worried about how deeply I am sleeping in these stints though. What if I didn't hear TB saying 'Here's fifty quid. Go and treat yourself.' Mind you I would have to be sleeping to hear that cos I would be dreaming.

MIL (TB's mum - mother-in-law) is doing much better. She is not so wandered so the infection(s) must be clearing up nicely. There is talk of her getting out next week but going into respite care. So ... TB will be coming back up. Crikey, better get a move on tomorrow and get the rest of that wool sorted and put away. Maybe he won't notice it. Fat chance!

GSnB today. Good crowd. Good discussion. Good decisions made. Had chips and a coffee. Shortbread and Diet Coke. Didn't go the chips much but had to eat them cos I had had my insulin. Got a bit of my slipover done and a bit of the scarf. Spoke to Kathleen about my comment on her blog and she laughed about it. Oh, thank you!

Afterwards, when I was coming home, all fired up and full of enthusiasm, I got out my knitting and clicked away as I headed over the M8. Next thing a police car pulled up beside me, one of the policemen wound down his window and shouted 'Pull over'. Quite indignantly I shouted back 'No. It's a slipover'.

Going to get changed, make some coffee and get the ironing board out. Might even do some ironing too. Can't watch 24 or Lost cos haven't seen last week's yet. Still to watch Life on Mars, so might watch that. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions. No wonder I suffer from stress.

Au revoir for now.

ps Got last square attached to bag - only handles to do. Yippee!

I Don't Beleeeeeve it!

Haven't done much knitting in the past week cos I have been sleeping. Yes ... that much. Fall asleep at Mum's, go home, have tea, fall asleep, wake up, then go to bed.

So last night, I woke just after eleven and decided to check out the GSnB message board. Put on a post and thought I would check out Kathleen's and Mhairi's blogs. (That's theirs listed on the side bar.) So, go into Kathleen's and saw that it had been her birthday. The next one was a picture of the scarf she had finished and she mentioned that she had got the wool in the shop and mentioned my blog.

I thought I'll go back to the first one and wish her a happy birthday and then go into the second and thank her for the mentions.

So .. in I go. Happy birthday. witty comment, compliment. Did I read it again? No. Did I preview it? No. Why should I? I don't have to do such things - I am just perfect. Publish........

.... up comes the comment with 'you are younger than you look' staring back at me. OH MY GOD! I don't believe it. Back in. Publish an apology. Er. You are older than you look. Into second post. Apologise again.

Guess what. Kathleen, please forgive me. In my defence, if you continue to read my blog, you will see that that one was a mere bagatelle.

Posted a picture of MBN at the side. She is lovely and certainly takes after me.

There was a coffee morning in the church across the road and TMO brought in a bag of goodies. She said to take something from the plate. Er. Don't know if she meant me to have it all, but she can't get it back now. (A fairy cake, 4 pancakes and piece of shortbread. Lunch? TLA had the other fairy cake - honestly. BTW, don't think fairy cakes are on the Scottish Slimmers list Anne!)

Back to work. Hey ho. Have to stay awake tonight - ice-dancing and Casualty!!

See ya.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

While the cat's away ...

Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy! Been on the Purlescence site and treated myself. While TB is away I should have just got the glass needles but decided to go for the birch cable needles, a magazine and a sweater keyring! See what a good girl I am!

Also while TB is away, I have ordered stacks of new wool but only told him about a wee drop of it. I'll have to go like the clappers reorganising to get it out before he comes back. Ach! Life is to short to worry about whether you have enough room for ... errr, how many? ... new yarns. lol

Oh, yes. And while TB is away, he is still managing to nag me about knitting not one, but two beanies. A brown one and a green one - to match his scarves. Fashion victim? Sad person? Who knows? It won't be this week sweetheart.

How was the birthday meal? A pleasant evening spent in the company of my family, all of us stuffing our faces. I had Caledonian Chicken. Mmmm. Breast of chicken, pan-fried, resting on a bed of haggis with a creamy Drambuie sauce and served with a selection of fresh vegetables. It was wonderful and the portions were enormous. Garlic bread before and no sweet after. My God, the starters were massive. I had been warned the servings were big, but ...

SB (Scottie Boy, MB's brother Scott) was sitting munching away on jalapenos (oes?) It seems he can eat a jar of them at one sitting. Yuck. Strange family I have.

No stitching done yesterday, pile of ironing to do tonight and MBN is coming up to see me. Maybe she will bring a few samples from work. Fruitellas. Yum. Will watch Tuesday's Life on Mars when she goes and do a bit of this crochet bag. I must get it finished. (Nag. Nag.)

So, did you get it? What's brown and sticky? A stick. lolololololol

Don't put any money on the bag being done, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

'Til tomorrow. Chin, chin.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Cliffhanger Blog

Up to Mum's after work yesterday. BIL (brother-in-law, Colin), MB and TMO (the mad one, my sister, Flora) were in. Oh and, of course, WM. MWM (ma wee mammy) ended up sitting with her eyes closed and her hands out for us to put more presents on. She's mad. My gran was mad, she's mad and TMO is mad. I more than suspect MBN is mad too! Lucky me! It missed me and went down her side - that is why I refer to my sister as the mad one.

Anyway, I had put on my new corsage (oooh, get her. Corsage.) and MWM noticed and asked what it was. I told her it was another wee flower and she said, quite indignantly, that it was nicer than hers. I asked her she wanted mine and before the 'Oh aye.' was out of her mouth, she had her hers off and the hand out waiting for mine. She can get a spurt on when it suits her - the besom!

Meanwhile, BIL had said that he had taken WM out for a walk. I love that wee dug to bits but my feet were killing me and the last thing I wanted to do was take her out. But it transpired that BIL had only got to the end of the path when WM decided that she didn't want to go for a walk with BIL and about turned and headed back into the house dragging BIL behind her. She is one determined terrier. As a result, WM gets to go for a walk with her favourite big sister. lol WM winds TMO up something rotten. It was actually quite a nice night and got some fresh air into the bargain.

TB is away home now. Hate that he is not here and hate the circumstances but ... However, every cloud has a silver lining and TLA and I are taking advantage of his departure - skiving! And I will be able to do all sorts of things I can't do with him around getting in the way too! lol Will speak to him later.

Off out for a family dinner tonight. MB's 21st. Should be a laugh and the food will be yummy. Won't be able to move tomorrow!

Nearly forgot. What is brown and sticky? Oh you can just wait until tomorrow to find out.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Bunty's Birthday

Did another wee crochet flower for me cos I gave my mum the first one. Told her it was her birthday present. lol. This one is done with Louisa Harding Impression (guess where I got it - Stitching Time, Hamilton). I had some left after doing my fingerless mitts - one in picture. They are a wee bit scabby now cos I wear them in the shop (brrr) but they are still yummy.
It is Mum's birthday today (83). How did she manage to have a daughter as young as me? Maybe she went to that Italian doctor and he sorted her out. Oh dear! That sounds a bit naughty. Especially talking about my mum.
TB has to go home tomorrow because his mum is seriously ill. She was taken into hospital last night and it seems that her kidneys are failing. I wish I could go with him to give support but I have to look after the shop. Perhaps I can get down at the weekend.
I started this blog to do something different and have a laugh. I don't do politics and I don't do religion. But I can't not mention the SnB and what is going on there. All the members with blogs will be posting something - probably heavy and psychological, philosophical and meaningful. I only mention it because I would like the SnB to be a long term thing for me.
So ... talk to each other!!! (With your mouths and ears.)
There - heavy bit over.
MBN is away doing her new job and is enjoying it so far. MB (ma boy, AKA my nephew Euan) is 21 tomorrow. Think he has just about recovered from his party on Saturday. Showed him TB's hat and asked if he wanted one, but he said he doesn't do tea-cosies.
Off to do some work. Don't particularly feel jokey today. Maybe tomorrow I will tell you my favourite joke of all time.
See ya.

Monday, 19 February 2007

After Casualty, the piles are nearly gone.

Howdie doodie!

Did my first crochet flower on Saturday night before Casualty. My input to 'bring a flower to SnB' .

Aw, isn't it sweet!

Watched Casualty and did some bag crochet ... and ... the piles are gone. Only the last (big) square to be attached.

Thought it would be done by now but you know what thought did! (No? He stuck a feather ... maybe we'll leave that for now.)

After addition of square, handles, and edging ... blah, blah. My goodness, this waiting is even boring me!! I will do it this week. (Sounds suspiciously like nagging!!)

Went to Glasgow SnB yesterday. Had a lovely bowl of Broccoli and Stilton soup with some yummy bread and parsley butter and a cup of coffee. Mmmm. Later, I had a piece of (melt in the mouth) shortbread and another cup of coffee. Mmmm. Oh and yes, did some knitting. I take two things to do and split the time between them. I make sure I take something that doesn't need a lot of concentration. This week I had a Rowan slipover patter which I was knitting with Louisa Harding Grace (a wool and silk mix) and some Gedrifra Filorosa for a scarf. (Both yarns avaialble at Stitching Time, Hamilton). Of course, took flower. Only three were brought, but mine was the lovliest!
Got to go. TB is booked for on-line poker and his masters voice n all that.
Catch ya later!

Friday, 16 February 2007

Have Felt Piles Friday

Thought I could show you my piles but the batteries in my camera went flat. Yep, my digi camera is that old. However, the piles of crochet squares are ready to be put together, then handles on ... oh and the fancy bit of edging I managed to miss on the pattern ... and then into Feltingland. Yippee!!!

Will get a picture of my already felted hat on my phone before I stick it in with the bag to felt again and before I attempt the badge.

So .... here he is .... what you have been waiting for ... Les and the sweater! (lolol) Oh no it's not - couldn't get the image to appear. Hmm. Will have to have a look at this later. And ... you'll just have to wait. Oh the anticipation!

Had to change the pic of TB wearing his sweater to him wearing his beanie cos he said he looked ridiculous (and the difference is?). So his latest wheeze is .. why don't you knit up some beanies in Patons Essence. He doesn't get it yet - I hate being nagged to knit.

See ya later ... off to do some work. (Yes, I do work sometimes!)

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Sky+ and knitting - who needs the real world?

Crochet bag is coming along nicely. Yippee! Got one big square to do and the handle. Then wahing machine time! Managed to suss out what I had done with the two squares that weren't right - all by myself. I am soooo good. So, camera tomorrow for before picture, Mr Zanussi's wee box tomorrow night and Saturday .. the big unveiling! Will take to SnB on Sunday. (Oo-er still have flower to do - might cheat and take one I prepared earlier!)

Today passed quite uneventfully. Unusual for me. But then .. it isn't bed-time yet. Jack and I spent a cosy hour on the couch last night and I knew his Dad was going to be a baddie. Poor Jack - and I think my days don't go too well!

Talking about TV progs - I just love River City and America's Next Top Model ... oh and CSI(Las Vegas - don't like the other two .. maybe New York if stuck) and Casualty. Er and the soaps of course. And Life on Mars is back on and I think it's brill. Hmm .. I really need to get out more. But then, if I do I can't knit as much. Could take it with me I suppose, but I did all that nearly 30 years ago and who am I to follow a trend? Maybe I started it. lolol Anyway, I'm not as young as I used to be and I have to mark everything down now and concentrate more.

We have a pattern in the shop and I swear it is Les Battersby modelling a luverly sweater. It makes me laugh every time I see it. I say to all the customers 'Look, it's Les Battersby' and they look and then look at me and then they smile that smile at me. You know that 'Care in the Community' smile? TB just shakes his head and gives them the 'I know, I know.' look and walks away. I'll put it on tomorrow and let you decide.

MBN (my beautiful neice Gillian) got a new job today. I told her to stop changing jobs - I can't afford all these good luck cards. She starts on Monday. Gets a new car and she doesn't want to get rid of her wee Jiminy. Aw she got it just before Christmas. Gonna ask if she will model some knitted items for me. I know how to take the photos cos I watch ANTM! Must convert her - she wouldn't be seen dead in a knitted item. lolol I'll blackmail her with her Postman Pat and Ninja Turtle jumpers photos. lolololololol

Off downstairs to finish crochet bag. lolol - still thinking about her with her wee intarsia jumpers. lolol

Catch ya later.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Felt better ...

Did today go to plan? Of course not!! Who thought St Valentine's day was Thursday and left my pressie in the shop so he could wrap it when I wasn't there? And when he was dropped off at the shop and wrote my card and presented the said pressie, who found they had been given the same (beautiful) ornament as last year?
I ask you!!

So .. toddled off home (to relax, knit, telly ..) only to have a hypo (yep, diabetic). Plans on hold. Okay, sorted washing, put in machine and did some paperwork. Logged off pc and made coffee. Yippee knitting time. Oh, hold on .. washing done. What's that? Oh, no! Only my gorgeous Louisa Harding Kimono Angora beanie hat looking like a former shadow of itself! Yep. Managed to put it in with the wash and felted it. Mixed emotions. Swore a bit, tried it on for a laugh and then .. flash of inspiration! Why not throw it in again and use it to make your felt badge? Every cloud ...

And there is always knitting to do to cheer you up. Oh, first of all, better look out those cross-stitch charts you promised a customer. Hundred of magazines later, had found two. Two! Never mind, got them all sorted. Got knitting magazines sorted and found a knitting pattern I had been looking for (for months) for a customer. Where was it? Folded in half in an embroidery magazine, of course! Every cloud ...

Well, off to dentist. La la la. Sun shining. Quite warm. Gorgeous day. Feeling quite good for once. Temp crown. Impression taken. Come back for new one. WRONG! Temp blah bl blah blah (not temp crown) Come back for impression and extraction. First appointment I could make? - a fortnight! Gone from Jaws in James Bond to an extra in Shaun of the Dead in 30 minutes. Oh, and the bank balance was a lot lighter too!

Ho hum! Not so bright now, are we? Will phone TB. Forgot phone. Home for phone. No time to go to Mum's, so head off to shop. Park car. Head to shops to see if new knitting magazines in yet. Nope. Buy a crochet book (well, I had a voucher!) Head to Marks for bread and milk. Oh dear, have to pass through Per Una. Nice trousers. Turn round and just about go my length and save myself by holding on to a display rack. Very, very lucky. It didn't quite crash to the floor. (I get this thing in my leg. I call it 'the leg thing'.) So, go staggering up to the Food Hall. The leg thing is here to stay. Look like I have been on the Buckie and in for a terr. Trousers flapping, nose now running and milk squashing the iced buns. Meanwhile, have dropped glove and have to retrace steps to find it. Phone TB to pick me up. No reply. Stagger back to the shop.

TB: 'Have a good day off?'
Me: 'Felt better.'

Home. Couch. Hot water bottle. Zzzzzs. Tea made. Blog land. Some lovely comments. Feel loads better. Gonna watch 24 and knit for a while, then go to bed. No plans for tomorrow - just see what it brings.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The Tooth Is Out There!

Was rushing around this morning at the last minute as usual so went hell for leather with the toothbrush. Out came my crown and down the plughole it went! Managed to get an appointment at the dentist tomorrow. 2.20pm.Two thirty would just not have been funny!! Well ... maybe I would have sniggered a wee bit. Can't disguise that it's missing so will just have to grin and bear it. (Groan! - will stop before I get carried away with the dentist and teeth jokes.)

Oh, joy of joys! Ordered some felting needles and they came in yesterday. Can't wait to have a go.My first attempt is to make a name badge to wear to the Glasgow StitchnBitch. But not for this Sunday (at 1pm, The Tramway) cos we have to knit or crochet a flower in honour of St Valentine. Haven't decided what I am going to do yet. There is a lovely corsage to knit in the Louisa Harding Accessories book (TLA is going to do it with Sari Ribbon - yes, both available at Stitching Time, Hamilton) but I thought I might attempt a crochet one. Oo-er, maybe a bit too early - my crochet skills are still a bit limited. However, the worst thing is trying to decide if doing the flower would be classed as being nagged to knit. My life is so complex. Should I get out more?

So the scarf is done for TB and he wasn't too chuffed when I suggested that it could be his St Valentine's present. I thought a card would be enough but the big wean likes to get presents. Aww! I'll make sure wee Minty gives him a big kiss (well, it will save me.)

I'm off tomorrow and apart from the dentist, I am going to spend the day doing what I want. So I am going to force myself to get up early. I might wait until I get my breakfast in bed - lol, I'd never get up. Have a leisurely shower, get dressed and then relax on the sofa with coffee, my scrumptious box of St. Valentine's day chocs - okay a hob-nob- and my knitting. Will finish a UFO and wear it on Thursday.

So until the next time.

See ya.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Hats that!

Well, the hat is done and the scarf two thirds done. Would have been finished but I slept most of yesterday away.

Hat is beanie and was done in Patons Inca on 7mm needles and took about 75g. Got wool in Stitching Time, Hamilton. Used the brown mix, it is lovely and it is warm. Wore it watching Casualty to see if TB would notice it when he came downstairs. Did he heck as like (and I'm blonde) ... too busy looking for a coffee and was that all I had done of his scarf? I ask you!! Nagged to knit? Aye, that's me. He's been wearing the hat all morning in the shop. Think he is quite proud of it - but as usual he is telling everyone he knitted it himself.

Well, the living room is starting to look more like a living room again but only cos I bought one of the big Marks and Spencer bags on Saturday and put lots of bags in it! Mind you it is hiding a multitude of sins. lolol What TB cannot see, TB cannot moan about!!

So .. lunchtime over again. It was cut in half cos someone was on the internet for news on his footie team. I could give him the news - they are rubbish! Okay so they won on Saturday against Liverpool but we all have our off days. lol

Back to work. Catch you soon.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Nagging Myself? That Can't Be Right!

Yes ... I'm nagging myself! Must finish all my UFOs. I said I was going to leave them in the living room to shame myself into doing them but they are breeding. I want my living room back. And it's not as if I can move them to the spare room cos they'll just get lost amongst all the other stuff to be done. Plus ... if I put things up the loft I can say goodbye to them cos that is like a black hole of things to be done later as it is.

Anyway, had a couple of bright moments at the end of this week the Lana Grossa man was in. Mmmm. Oh and the new yarns were mmm as well. So not only was he in on Thursday but he was back yesterday to show us some cracking Italian buttons.

Anne ( from now on referred to as TLA) was most disappointed she missed him and I was most disappointed that TB was here!

TB has a list of things he is nagging me to knit (wish he would learn to do it himself!) - a scarf; a hat; a teddy bear and another jumper. That is for starters. The worst thing is he tells the customers he does them himself -and they believe him!!!

So the picture of him shows him wearing a jumper knitted from a King Cole pattern but done in Stylecraft Raffia. Both of which are available in Stitching Time, Hamilton. The Raffia was lovely to knit with and it knitted up really quickly - well, it is a chunky. It has a sort of rustic look and feel to it.

In the process of learning to crochet and am doing a felted crochet bag. It is made of eight granny squares and I have done five so far. However, the first three are great all the same size but the last two are miles bigger. ??? Have to do them again - I am using Twilley's Freedom chunky and it's a pain to take out. Might use them again - will put in the bag of bits.

Better finish - TB has gone to the Post Office and will be back soon and I don't want to be accused of skiving. (lolol - as if!)

Bye for now.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Virgin Blogger

My first time .. will I remember it with fondness?

TB (the boss) is nagging for me to do some work but I want to take my time. Mind you, my tummy is rumbling and I tend to give in to that sort of nagging.

Ok. Off for some pasta and some thoughts on my first proper post.

'Bye for now.