Thursday, 29 November 2007

Araucania Ranco Multi Socks - My Current Obsession

So ... am I going over the top about this yarn? It's on here, it's on the shop blog (with more details about the .. well .. details), and it is on Ravelry.
I absolutely love it and it is all down to TB. He was left on his own with the Designer Yarns rep and he ordered it without a word to me. I don't care - I just wish he had ordered more colours.
I have just turned the heel on the first sock and I have tried it on - you almost purr when you put your foot in it. Honestly, I dont remember ever going on so much about a yarn, not even my favourites (LH Impression, LG Luxor, LH Grace, R Tapestry, etc). The colours are amazing and I am going to use them all - even the ones we haven't got in YET.
Seriously worth dying for - even if it has already been hand dyed in Chile. But I won't be chilly with these little beauts on my tootsies (and the rest of my leg-ends of course).
I'll tell you something else .. it knits up really quickly. I can't believe how far I have got on with it in the short time I have spent doing it. I keep saying it looks like a bruise cos I am using the bluey/purply one but that's my powerful descriptive skills fur ya.
I can't decide which one to use next. Hmm, decisions, decisions. Mind you, the ball looks like it has hardly been touched. I'm going to weigh it when I finish the first sock to see how much there is left.
We got the second Araucania book at the same time and it has sock patterns for the Ranco as well as some garment patterns, so you never know I may rustle up a wee thing to wear with it. but I am not forgetting I have a helluva lot of things to finish yet (that I haven't listed under any labels in Ravelry - too scared to see it in black and white, oh and colour if I put pics in too but I don't think the camera could take that much work) and start (that I haven't listed ..... )
Anyway, off to the Land of Nod. Hope tomorrow morning my phone alarm hasn't vibrated so much that it has fallen on the floor so that I am really confused cos it is ringing and I don't know where the noise is coming from cos I'm half asleep and I am feeling about like a feeler cos I don't have my glasses on yet and then find that the back has come off about an hour later when I go to wake up TB and wonder what that is lying on the floor and thank god I haven't stood on it and broken it.


heather said...

mmm - very pretty. I may need to come and see you for a "fix" soon ... and have you heard ? Noro's brought out a kureyon sock yarn ! More fabby colours - so many knitting plans, so little time ....

LinnMarit said...

did you mean my so called scarf? no that's not just didn't look right with those colours...just rib all throught the scarf..! must get myself some wool for knitting socks...really want to...