Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Dragon's Den

How could I?

How could I forget Dragon's Den when I was scheduling my Soap Night. So change of plan. 9pm Dragon's Den. 10pm ANTM. Only next week, Prison Break might be back on and I will have to re-schedule .. again! Who said watching soaps made for easy viewing?

Anyway, had a (very) quick look for the You-doo Doll featured on last night's show. Couldn't find her website (well didn't look very hard) but it is for sale on a few wesites including this one. Good luck to her, I say!

Had a chuckle at the teacher's presentation - but who am I to chuckle? I have to do a presentation on Mon 5 Nov to a group at a local church. Oh, BTW, does anyone have any unusual yarn I could borrow to show? Not for me to knit with!!!!! I would like to show some yarn from unlikely sources. I have cotton, bamboo, soya bean fibre, crabshells and possum. I am going to see if I have time to do a wee sample using carrier bags and I have a UFO knitted with wire and beads. And if you think, at least I'm not looking for money like the teacher was, think again - they want me to take stuff to sell. Won't sell much if they have all nodded off!

Hee-hee. We were asked to a group before. We thought it was just to take a few bits and pieces to sell. Turned up at the hall .. well, to cut a long story short ... I ended up doing a half hour off-the-cuff presentation with TB looking through the window in the door, pointing and laughing. Later, after we were asked to judge a sewing competition (!!), when we were sitting having tea and cake, we were asked how much our fee was. I nearly drowned the woman with tea spray as I choked telling her we didn't want a fee and they should keep it for their funds or give it to charity.

Lesson learned - before you enter the dragon's den - be prepared!!!!!

Off to do some paperwork, continue with Muti-directional scarf done in Tapestry (soya bean fibre - guess what for), go to Hamilton and head for Livi to see TAH and get a baldie. Oh and possibly do a bit of ironing and other sundry housework stuff. Oh, nearly forgot - try to get a small bit done on shop blog????

Day off - bah humbug!

See ya, wouldn't want t'be ya!


Kathleen said...

RE- Dragons Den: did you see the wee balls you put down the lavvy to encourage toddlers to use it? Was very funny.

I can lend you some camel yarn if you would be interested? x K

heather said...

I have a skein of banana fibre yarn if you're interested ?

Heather :0)

Flavaknits said...

I have some Banana yarn , goat mohair , and some stretchy stuff got at K1yarns (still nothing knitted with it yet , was meant to be a shrug!) Have resisted buying hemp and nettle yarn (for now , but you know me and my strange yarn addiction! lol)
Can bring it on Sunday for ya .

LinnMarit said...

my goddness, how many weird things you can knit with, i am learning new stuff every day! oh, and i got myself one of those glasgow knit n stitch button!! hurray