Sunday, 21 October 2007

Dangling Dangly Bits

Good evening visitors. How are you?

TB has been watching football (the makems) and is now watching the Grand Prix so I have had the opportunity to catch up on some blogs. I can't believe how long it has been since I last visited. We are not talking days. We are not even talking weeks. We are talking months!!!!

I was going to do the shop blog but I have left my camera in the shop and photographs that were meant to be put on are either still on the camera or have been downloaded in the shop. Not much use then!! Guess I'll have to do it tomorrow and there will be a greetin' match tomorrow cos I'll get pelters for being on the computer. Oh, not because I'll be in the back shop and not in the front shop, but because someone will not be able to get into their precious football forum. I am going to join it on the quiet and noise him up. lol

Anyway, I have a cunning plan to buy a laptop and use it when he is playing on-line poker. I can sit at my Gran's bureau and tap away to my heart's content, with the telly on, and I won't have to get off to let him on cos he has a game in ten minutes. I love my bureau and I'm so glad we have finally brought it round from MWM's. Gonna have to get a French Polisher to give it a good going over - it had years of abuse from me years ago (including a big blob of Tippex which I don't want to go picking at. Pesky students!)

So - have just about finished the Freedom Spirit hat with sideburns - just have to attach the dangly bits to the sideburns. (These are technical terms for the uninitiated.) I have decided to finish a UFO every wek until they are all done but that doesn't include the stitching ones. The knitting ones are mainly finishing off, the stitching ones are WIPs. There is one stitching one I do want to finish though. I want to give it to MWM for her Christmas - well, she was meant to get it two years ago when I started it.

It's gone all quiet downstairs - Grand Prix finished? Don't hear that damned annoying Sky music so he can't be checking out the channels. Oh no. It's Star Trek. he has it on Series Link.Sorry, I am not a Sci-Fi girl, although I don't mind one of the minging ones he watches. I just don't tell him.

Never mind, tomorrow night is Soap Night. Only complaint is that River City isn't on a Monday. But ... ANTM is on at Nine and Prison Break is on at ten. Yippee. Soaps from seven til eleven. How sad am I? But soaps good for a knit-along and I have (another) cunning plan for that. More later.

Sunday night has become 'Running About Hamilton With Tables And Chairs' night while we await our delivery of new ones. Never, ever ever buy from Furniture at work. Delivery is usually 7-9 days? Looking more and more like 7-9 months, never mind 7-9 weeks. Shuda gone to Ikea but they didn't have what we needed. We need them for the Beading Group that meets on a Monday morning in the shop Craft Room.

Anyway, so while waiting for folk to get home from where they have been so we can borrow their furniture again, I'm off to make some dangly bits dangle. Catch ya later when I have my camera.


LinnMarit said...

so,finnally got aroiund to reading your blog:) got it from the newsletter you putin my bag when i was in your shop last week! fun to see you stuff!

Flavaknits said...

Dangly bits dangle ?? OOhhh Matron!! lol
Didn't know DD liked Sunderland, had him down as a Newcastle man.